At the moment, ATENA Foundation has launched two campaigns: Sponsor a Girl, and a general campaign for expanding the school activity and built both elementary and middle schools.








































How Will We Use The Money?

  • Kindergarden, elementary and middle school classrooms and residentials, to construct a comftorable environment for the children to study and grow. 
  • Office for faculty and nurses.
  • Kitchen & canteen - currently the children and faculty don't recieve proper nurishment or dining facilities. We aspire to provide them with fresh, helthier food. 
  • Administration office.
  • Water pump, which will be used for school, agriculture activities and as a clear-water source fot the community.
  • Clay brick fence to increase the students' safety and prevent gender based violence. Keeping a safe and happy environment is our top priority.
  • School playground.
  • School library.


While our pilot program, the kindergarden class, facilitated 25 students ages 3-5 years old, the expanded school which will include elementry and middle schools will be able to facilitate around 75 students!!


By supporting our project you stand for:


         Women rights, and gender equality- further than providing underpriviledged girls with schooling and education, Npili also provides local women with a professional training for teaching positions. We strive to encourage and support better integration of women in the local society, in the hope that our girls will also be integrated into key roles in diverse professional fields.



         Sustainability and enviromental-friendly values, as we insist on using local materials such as clay bricks, recycled glass bottles and thatched roof.




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