Our Mission

The Npili School Project mission is to provide all students with the necessary skills to reach their full potential in order to participate in future leadership roles to contribute to social upliftment in an enjoyable environment that emphasizes gender equality.

Filomena (born on February, 24, 1952) is a social activist with a track record of working with disadvantaged people and a great promoter of children and women’s rights. She is an African citizen interested in building a continent where the preservation of national identities is combined with the consolidation of an inclusive education for all and a citizen of the world who is actively involved in promoting peace, justice and the universal respect for Children and Women Human Rights.


"I strongly believe in this project, as well as that we will find partners who will support us in this noble cause. Access to good quality education is a human right, I have fought for this cause and I will not give up now.."

Our History

ATENA Foundation was created in 2015 as a legal person of the foundation type governed by private law, set up as a non-profit organisation of general public interest, incorporated in Guinea-Bissau. The Foundation has no religious or political affiliation.


The Atena Foundation is based on the proposal of Filomena Ferreira's youngest daughter who wanted to give marginalized girls and women the opportunity to access quality education. After consulting a group of Bissau-Guinean experts, the Npili School project was born, and the Atena Foundation was created to implement and oversee the Npili School. 


The Npili project aims to develop an all-girls boarding school offering quality education from preschool to secondary school, in order to empower girls from Guinea-Bissau with the fundamental tools to reach their full potential. 


Governing Bodies | By Laws | Code of Coduct | Legal Information


Marilia Lima

Board of Directors


Yuri Handem

Board of Directors


Karina Ferreira

Board of Auditors

M. Fatima Barbosa

Board of Directors

Our Vision

“Building skills to lead tomorrow”


Our vision is to be the first all-girls school of excellence in the country and to build value in promoting access to high-quality education, leadership, learning and discovery in a girl-friendly environment.

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